Wollongong, Australia

Wollongong-I-House-2International House is the original University of Wollongong residence and an affiliate of the 15 International Houses Worldwide. First opening its doors to students in 1980, today this residence proudly boasts a community representing over 30 nations, living and learning peacefully under the one roof.The mission of International House is to promote global well being by enabling its residents to be intercultural leaders. Intercultural leaders understand cultural differences and help others to understand their differences and build international friendships.

Global wellbeing starts here!

International House offers a vibrant and culturally diverse support network for its students, with a widely varied calendar of activities, which, through participation, strong cross-cultural friendships are formed. Through the award winning iLIVE program, a range of activities is held on a regular basis and includes BYO Academic, iFeast, Meet the Teach, Tuesday Topicals, Global Voices and Farewell Formals. Involvement in such events offers all residents the opportunity to enjoy an enriched community where they can share in different cultures and customs and form bonds with students from all over the world.

Student Residence Managers Dr Lindsay Oades and Alison Hemsley were recently awarded a Vice-Chancellors General Staff Award for Outstanding Contribution to Teaching and Learning for the iLIVE Program at International House.

International House Turns 30

In 1980 International House became the first University of Wollongong student residence. In 2010, to mark 30 Years of International House, the International House Global Wellbeing Residential scholarships are being launched.